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What we do...

Class 4 laser therapy

Laser Therapy

We use a "Class 4" 9W laser to deliver light energy to the intended tissue for enhanced healing thru "photobiomodulation"

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Stimulation

There are various types of Estim that we can utilize including:
-NMES to increase strength
-IF to decrease swelling 
-TENS for pain reduction

Massage Therapy

Our extensive training in canine anatomy makes massage effective in increasing circulation, decreasing pain and increasing ROM.

Dog is doing balance exercise

ROM & Stretching

Immobilization, while being necessary for some conditions can be very detrimental to soft tissue. Regaining optimal ROM is one of the most important things rehab can accomplish


Postural control decreases after injury and with age. Left untreated, this can lead to further injury and make day to day activities more difficult 


In order to maximize your dog's outcome, they must regain any strength lost from injury or disuse. Strength loss leads to your dog's inability to perform basic functions such as getting up off the floor or going for walks

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